FAQ Ron's Preliminary Info Form

At Ron’s Collision Center our customers usually come to us after an accident of some kind. They have suffered a mishap, sometimes very serious, and often they see us as part of their unfortunate event. But at Ron’s we see ourselves as the good guys, dedicated to undoing damage and restoring vehicles to like-new condition. We strive to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We know it can be bothersome to gather information, but it must be done. We have found that gathering all necessary information immediately at the very beginning of the repair process, helps to make everything flow faster. Delays can be eliminated. Often repairs can be completed sooner.

Every customer is different. The preliminary information you provide helps us to understand your unique situation. It allows us to offer best case options for you and your vehicle.  Thank you for helping us by providing your information. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

P.S.  At no time will we share any information with your insurance company or any other third party company without your expressed permission.